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PRO Lowering Springs

PRO Lowering Springs

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Price: $200.00

Vehicle Specific Product

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D2 PRO Series lowering springs optimize and improve handling characteristics by offering a reduction in ride height while maintaining exceptional ride quality through the use of a progressive rate spring. All of our springs come with a Lifetime Warranty and are manufactured of 55 chrome silicon steel in an ISO 9001 and TUV approved facility.

Lowers (1.8"F/1.4"R)

Vehicle Fitment
Year Make Model Submodel Drive
2012BMW 320i RWD
2012BMW 325i RWD
2012BMW 328i RWD
2012BMW 335i RWD
2012BMW 335is RWD
2013BMW 320i RWD
2013BMW 325i RWD
2013BMW 328i RWD
2013BMW 335i RWD
2013BMW 335is RWD
2014BMW 320i RWD
2014BMW 328d RWD
2014BMW 328i RWD
2014BMW 335i RWD
2014BMW 428i RWD
2014BMW 435i RWD
2015BMW 320i RWD
2015BMW 328d RWD
2015BMW 328i RWD
2015BMW 335i RWD
2015BMW 428i RWD
2015BMW 428i Gran Coupe RWD
2015BMW 435i RWD
2015BMW 435i Gran Coupe RWD
2016BMW 320i RWD
2016BMW 328d RWD
2016BMW 328i RWD
2016BMW 330e RWD
2016BMW 330i RWD
2016BMW 340i RWD
2016BMW 420i RWD
2016BMW 420i Gran Coupe RWD
2016BMW 428i RWD
2016BMW 428i Gran Coupe RWD
2016BMW 435i RWD
2016BMW 435i Gran Coupe RWD
2017BMW 320i RWD
2017BMW 328d RWD
2017BMW 330e RWD
2017BMW 330i RWD
2017BMW 340i RWD
2017BMW 420i RWD
2017BMW 430i RWD
2017BMW 430i Gran Coupe RWD
2017BMW 440i RWD
2017BMW 440i Gran Coupe RWD
2018BMW 318i RWD
2018BMW 320i RWD
2018BMW 328d RWD
2018BMW 330e RWD
2018BMW 330i RWD
2018BMW 340i RWD
2018BMW 420i RWD
2018BMW 420i Gran Coupe RWD
2018BMW 430i RWD
2018BMW 430i Gran Coupe RWD
2018BMW 440i RWD
2018BMW 440i Gran Coupe RWD
2019BMW 330i RWD
2019BMW 420i RWD
2019BMW 420i Gran Coupe RWD
2019BMW 430i RWD
2019BMW 430i Gran Coupe RWD
2019BMW 440i RWD
2019BMW 440i Gran Coupe RWD
2020BMW 420i RWD
2020BMW 420i Gran Coupe RWD
2020BMW 430i RWD
2020BMW 430i Gran Coupe RWD
2020BMW 440i RWD
2020BMW 440i Gran Coupe RWD