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RS Coilover Replacement Shock - Rear

RS Coilover Replacement Shock - Rear

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Price: $140.00

Vehicle Specific Product

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Replacement shock for D2 RS 36-way adjustable coilovers.
Vehicle Fitment
Year Make Model Submodel Drive
1981BMW 528i
1983BMW 320i
1983BMW 533i
1984BMW 318i
1984BMW 325e
1984BMW 533i
1985BMW 318i
1985BMW 325e
1985BMW 524td
1985BMW 535i
1986BMW 325
1986BMW 325e
1986BMW 325es
1986BMW 524td
1986BMW 535i
1986Mazda RX-7
1987BMW 325
1987BMW 325e
1987BMW 325es
1987BMW 325i
1987BMW 325is
1987BMW 535i
1987Dodge Colt
1987Mazda RX-7
1988BMW 325
1988BMW 325i
1988BMW 325is
1988BMW 528e
1988BMW 535i
1988BMW 535is
1988BMW M3
1988BMW M5
1988Dodge Colt
1988Honda Prelude
1988Mazda RX-7
1989BMW 325i
1989BMW 325is
1989BMW 525i
1989BMW 535i
1989BMW M3
1989Dodge Colt
1989Honda Prelude
1989Mazda RX-7
1989Nissan 240SX
1990BMW 325i
1990BMW 325is
1990BMW 525i
1990BMW 535i
1990BMW M3
1990Dodge Colt
1990Honda Prelude
1990Mazda RX-7
1990Nissan 240SX
1990Nissan 300ZX
1991BMW 318i
1991BMW 318is
1991BMW 325i
1991BMW 325is
1991BMW 525i
1991BMW 535i
1991BMW M3
1991BMW M5
1991Dodge Colt
1991Honda Prelude
1991Mazda RX-7
1991Nissan 240SX
1991Nissan 300ZX
1992BMW 318i Base
1992BMW 318is Base
1992BMW 320i Base
1992BMW 325i Base
1992BMW 325is Base
1992BMW 525i
1992BMW 535i
1992BMW M5
1992Honda Prelude
1992Nissan 240SX
1992Nissan 300ZX
1993BMW 318i Base
1993BMW 318is Base
1993BMW 320i Base
1993BMW 325i Base
1993BMW 325is Base
1993BMW 525i
1993BMW 525iT
1993BMW 535i
1993BMW M5
1993Honda Prelude
1993Mitsubishi Mirage
1993Nissan 240SX
1993Nissan 300ZX
1994BMW 318i Base
1994BMW 318is Base
1994BMW 320i Base
1994BMW 325i Base
1994BMW 325is Base
1994BMW 525i
1994BMW 530i
1994BMW 540i
1994Honda Prelude
1994Mitsubishi Mirage
1994Nissan 240SX
1994Nissan 300ZX
1995BMW 318i Base
1995BMW 318is Base
1995BMW 318ti Base
1995BMW 320i Base
1995BMW 325i Base
1995BMW 325is Base
1995BMW 525i
1995BMW 530i
1995BMW 540i
1995Honda Prelude
1995Mitsubishi Mirage
1995Nissan 300ZX
1996BMW 318i Base
1996BMW 318is Base
1996BMW 318ti Base
1996BMW 328i Base
1996BMW 328is Base
1996Honda Prelude
1996Mitsubishi Mirage
1996Nissan 300ZX
1997BMW 318i Base
1997BMW 318is Base
1997BMW 318ti Base
1997BMW 328i Base
1997BMW 328is Base
1997Honda CR-V
1997Honda Prelude
1997Mitsubishi Mirage
1998BMW 318i Base
1998BMW 318is Base
1998BMW 318ti Base
1998BMW 323i Base
1998BMW 323is
1998BMW 323is Base
1998BMW 328i
1998BMW 328i Base
1998BMW 328is
1998BMW 328is Base
1998Honda Accord DX FWD
1998Honda Accord EX FWD
1998Honda Accord LX FWD
1998Honda CR-V
1998Honda Prelude
1998Mitsubishi Mirage
1999Acura TL Base FWD
1999Honda Accord DX FWD
1999Honda Accord EX FWD
1999Honda Accord LX FWD
1999Honda CR-V
1999Honda Prelude
1999Mitsubishi Mirage
2000Acura TL Base FWD
2000Honda Accord DX FWD
2000Honda Accord EX FWD
2000Honda Accord LX FWD
2000Honda Accord SE FWD
2000Honda CR-V
2000Honda Prelude
2000Mitsubishi Mirage
2000Volvo S40
2000Volvo V40
2001Acura CL Premium FWD
2001Acura CL Type-S FWD
2001Acura TL Base FWD
2001Honda Accord DX FWD
2001Honda Accord EX FWD
2001Honda Accord LX FWD
2001Honda Accord Value Package FWD
2001Honda CR-V
2001Honda Prelude
2001Mitsubishi Mirage
2001Volvo S40
2001Volvo V40
2002Acura CL Base FWD
2002Acura CL Type-S FWD
2002Acura TL Base FWD
2002Acura TL Type-S FWD
2002BMW 745i Base
2002BMW 745Li Base
2002Honda Accord DX FWD
2002Honda Accord EX FWD
2002Honda Accord LX FWD
2002Honda Accord SE FWD
2002Honda Accord Value Package FWD
2002Volvo S40
2002Volvo V40
2003Acura CL Base FWD
2003Acura CL Type-S FWD
2003Acura TL Base FWD
2003Acura TL Type-S FWD
2003BMW 745i Base
2003BMW 745Li Base
2003BMW 760Li Base
2003Cadillac CTS Base RWD
2003Cadillac CTS Luxury RWD
2003Cadillac CTS Luxury Sport RWD
2003Honda Accord
2003Volvo S40
2003Volvo V40
2004Acura TL Base FWD
2004Acura TSX
2004BMW 745i Base
2004BMW 745Li Base
2004BMW 760i Base
2004BMW 760Li Base
2004Cadillac CTS Base RWD
2004Cadillac CTS V RWD
2004Honda Accord
2004Infiniti G35 X AWD
2004Volvo S40
2004Volvo V40
2005Acura TL Base FWD
2005Acura TSX
2005BMW 745i Base
2005BMW 745Li Base
2005BMW 760i Base
2005BMW 760Li Base
2005Cadillac CTS Base RWD
2005Cadillac CTS V RWD
2005Honda Accord
2005Infiniti G35 X AWD
2006Acura TL Base FWD
2006Acura TSX
2006BMW 750i Base
2006BMW 750Li Base
2006BMW 760i Base
2006BMW 760Li Base
2006Cadillac CTS Base RWD
2006Cadillac CTS V RWD
2006Honda Accord
2006Infiniti G35 X AWD
2006Infiniti M35 Base RWD
2006Infiniti M35 Sport RWD
2006Infiniti M35 X AWD
2006Infiniti M45 Base RWD
2006Infiniti M45 Sport RWD
2007Acura TL Base FWD
2007Acura TL Type-S FWD
2007Acura TSX
2007BMW 750i Base
2007BMW 750Li Base
2007BMW 760Li Base
2007BMW Alpina B7 Base
2007Cadillac CTS Base RWD
2007Cadillac CTS V RWD
2007Honda Accord
2007Infiniti G35 Base RWD
2007Infiniti G35 Journey RWD
2007Infiniti G35 Sport RWD
2007Infiniti G35 X AWD
2007Infiniti M35 Base RWD
2007Infiniti M35 Sport RWD
2007Infiniti M35 X AWD
2007Infiniti M45 Base RWD
2007Infiniti M45 Sport RWD
2007Nissan Altima
2008Acura TL Base FWD
2008Acura TL Type-S FWD
2008Acura TSX
2008BMW 750i Base
2008BMW 750Li Base
2008BMW 760Li Base
2008BMW Alpina B7 Base
2008Honda Accord EX FWD
2008Honda Accord EX-L FWD
2008Infiniti G35 Base RWD
2008Infiniti G35 Journey RWD
2008Infiniti G35 Sport RWD
2008Infiniti G35 X AWD
2008Infiniti G35 X Sport AWD
2008Infiniti G37 Base RWD
2008Infiniti G37 Journey RWD
2008Infiniti G37 Sport RWD
2008Infiniti M35 Base RWD
2008Infiniti M35 X AWD
2008Infiniti M45 Base RWD
2008Infiniti M45 Sport RWD
2008Infiniti M45 X AWD
2008Nissan Altima
2009Acura TL Base FWD
2009Acura TL SH-AWD AWD
2009Honda Accord EX FWD
2009Honda Accord EX-L FWD
2009Infiniti FX35 Base AWD
2009Infiniti G37 Base RWD
2009Infiniti G37 Journey RWD
2009Infiniti G37 Sport RWD
2009Infiniti G37 X AWD
2009Infiniti M35 Base RWD
2009Infiniti M35 X AWD
2009Infiniti M45 Base RWD
2009Infiniti M45 Sport RWD
2009Infiniti M45 X AWD
2009Nissan 370Z
2009Nissan Altima
2009Nissan Maxima
2010Acura TL Base FWD
2010Acura TL SH-AWD AWD
2010Acura TSX V6 FWD
2010Honda Accord EX FWD
2010Honda Accord EX-L FWD
2010Honda Accord Crosstour
2010Infiniti FX35 Base AWD
2010Infiniti G37 Base RWD
2010Infiniti G37 Journey RWD
2010Infiniti G37 Sport RWD
2010Infiniti G37 X AWD
2010Infiniti M35 Base RWD
2010Infiniti M35 X AWD
2010Infiniti M45 Base RWD
2010Infiniti M45 Sport RWD
2010Infiniti M45 X AWD
2010Nissan 370Z
2010Nissan Altima
2010Nissan Maxima
2011Acura TL Base FWD
2011Acura TL SH-AWD AWD
2011Acura TSX V6 FWD
2011BMW X3 25i Lujo AWD
2011BMW X3 25i M Sport AWD
2011BMW X3 25i Top Line AWD
2011BMW X3 30i M Sport AWD
2011BMW X3 xDrive28i AWD
2011BMW X3 xDrive35i AWD
2011Honda Accord EX FWD
2011Honda Accord EX-L FWD
2011Honda Accord Crosstour
2011Infiniti FX35 Base AWD
2011Infiniti G25 Base RWD
2011Infiniti G25 Journey RWD
2011Infiniti G37 Base RWD
2011Infiniti G37 Journey RWD
2011Infiniti G37 Sport RWD
2011Infiniti G37 X AWD
2011Infiniti G37 X Sport AWD
2011Mini Cooper Countryman
2011Nissan 370Z
2011Nissan Altima
2011Nissan Maxima
2012Acura TL Base FWD
2012Acura TL SH-AWD AWD
2012Acura TSX V6 FWD
2012BMW X3 xDrive28i AWD
2012BMW X3 xDrive28i Lujo AWD
2012BMW X3 xDrive28i Top Line AWD
2012BMW X3 xDrive35i AWD
2012Honda Accord EX FWD
2012Honda Accord EX-L FWD
2012Infiniti FX35 Base AWD
2012Infiniti G25 Base RWD
2012Infiniti G25 Journey RWD
2012Infiniti G37 Base RWD
2012Infiniti G37 Journey RWD
2012Infiniti G37 Premier RWD
2012Infiniti G37 Sport RWD
2012Infiniti G37 X AWD
2012Infiniti G37 X Sport AWD
2012Mini Cooper Countryman
2012Nissan 370Z
2012Nissan Altima
2012Nissan Maxima
2013Acura TL Base FWD
2013Acura TL SH-AWD AWD
2013Acura TSX V6 FWD
2013BMW X3 xDrive28i AWD
2013BMW X3 xDrive35i AWD
2013Honda Accord
2013Infiniti FX37 Base AWD
2013Infiniti FX37 Limited AWD
2013Infiniti G37 Base RWD
2013Infiniti G37 IPL RWD
2013Infiniti G37 Journey RWD
2013Infiniti G37 Sport RWD
2013Infiniti G37 X AWD
2013Infiniti G37 X Sport AWD
2013Mini Cooper Countryman
2013Nissan 370Z
2013Nissan Altima
2013Nissan Maxima
2014Acura TL Base FWD
2014Acura TL SH-AWD AWD
2014Acura TSX V6 FWD
2014BMW X3 xDrive28i AWD
2014BMW X3 xDrive35i AWD
2014Honda Accord
2014Infiniti Q60 Base RWD
2014Infiniti Q60 IPL RWD
2014Infiniti Q60 Journey RWD
2014Infiniti Q60 Premier Edition RWD
2014Infiniti Q60 Premium RWD
2014Infiniti Q60 Premium Sport RWD
2014Infiniti Q60 S RWD
2014Infiniti Q60 Sport RWD
2014Infiniti QX70 Base AWD
2014Infiniti QX70 Seduction AWD
2014Mini Cooper Countryman
2014Nissan 370Z Base RWD
2014Nissan 370Z Nismo RWD
2014Nissan 370Z Touring RWD
2014Nissan Altima
2014Nissan Maxima
2015Acura TLX
2015BMW X3 xDrive28d AWD
2015BMW X3 xDrive28i AWD
2015BMW X3 xDrive35i AWD
2015Honda Accord
2015Infiniti Q40 Base RWD
2015Infiniti Q60 Base RWD
2015Infiniti Q60 IPL RWD
2015Infiniti Q60 Journey RWD
2015Infiniti Q60 Premier Edition RWD
2015Infiniti Q60 S RWD
2015Infiniti Q60 S Limited RWD
2015Infiniti Q60 Sport RWD
2015Infiniti Q60 Sport Limited RWD
2015Infiniti QX70 Base AWD
2015Infiniti QX70 Seduction AWD
2015Infiniti QX70 Sport AWD
2015Mini Cooper Countryman
2015Nissan 370Z Base RWD
2015Nissan 370Z Nismo RWD
2015Nissan 370Z Sport RWD
2015Nissan 370Z Touring RWD
2015Nissan 370Z Touring Sport RWD
2015Nissan Altima
2015Nissan Maxima
2016Acura TLX
2016BMW X3 xDrive28d AWD
2016BMW X3 xDrive28i AWD
2016BMW X3 xDrive35i AWD
2016Honda Accord
2016Infiniti QX70 Base AWD
2016Infiniti QX70 Seduction AWD
2016Infiniti QX70 Sport AWD
2016Mini Cooper Countryman
2016Nissan 370Z
2016Nissan Altima
2016Nissan Maxima
2017Acura TLX
2017BMW X3 xDrive28d AWD
2017BMW X3 xDrive28i AWD
2017BMW X3 xDrive28i X Line AWD
2017BMW X3 xDrive35i AWD
2017BMW X3 xDrive35i M Sport AWD
2017Honda Accord
2017Infiniti QX70 Base AWD
2017Infiniti QX70 Seduction AWD
2017Infiniti QX70 Sport AWD
2017Nissan 370Z
2017Nissan Altima
2017Nissan Maxima
2018Acura TLX
2018Nissan 370Z
2018Nissan Altima
2018Nissan Maxima
2019Acura TLX
2019Nissan 370Z
2019Nissan Maxima
2020Acura TLX
2020Nissan 370Z
2020Nissan Maxima
2021Nissan 370Z
2021Nissan Maxima
2022Nissan Maxima
2023Nissan Maxima
2023Nissan Z