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RS Coilovers w/ Front Air Cups + Gold Tankless Control System

RS Coilovers w/ Front Air Cups + Gold Tankless Control System

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Price: $1,940.00

Vehicle Specific Product

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Combining nearly two decades in the coilover and a decade in air suspension industries VERA brings you a solution that offers the best of both worlds. Our air cup kit provides on demand height adjustment while maintaining the performance and reliability that users expect from coilovers. Manufactured from CNCed billet aluminum with a double sealed piston which with the push of a button can raise the vehicle up to 2" in seconds. This height increase allows lowered vehicles to clear speed bumps, driveway inclines/declines and trailers with ease. Compatible with the front of D2 RS Coilovers.

This complete kit uses a 3-way electronic valve with LED lit button that can easily be integrated into your vehicles dash. The vehicle will lift to full height when the button is engaged and drop back to standard height when pressed again to release. The functionality of this kit is similar to that of our standard electronic kit but removes the tank and upgrades the compressor, ideal for situations where space is limited and a tank fit.

  • (2) Air Cups
  • VIAIR 444C Compressor
  • IMI 3-way Valve
  • LED Backlit Switch
  • All necessary fittings, relays and air lines
Vehicle Fitment
Year Make Model Submodel Drive
1998Volkswagen Passat GLS FWD
1998Volkswagen Passat GLX FWD
1999Volkswagen Passat 1.8T FWD
1999Volkswagen Passat GLS FWD
1999Volkswagen Passat GLX FWD
1999Volkswagen Passat V6 FWD
2000Volkswagen Passat 1.8T FWD
2000Volkswagen Passat GLS FWD
2000Volkswagen Passat GLX FWD
2000Volkswagen Passat V6 FWD
2001Volkswagen Passat 1.8T FWD
2001Volkswagen Passat GLS FWD
2001Volkswagen Passat GLX FWD
2001Volkswagen Passat V6 FWD
2002Volkswagen Passat 1.8T FWD
2002Volkswagen Passat GLS FWD
2002Volkswagen Passat GLX FWD
2002Volkswagen Passat V6 FWD
2003Volkswagen Passat 1.8T FWD
2003Volkswagen Passat GL FWD
2003Volkswagen Passat GLS FWD
2003Volkswagen Passat GLX FWD
2003Volkswagen Passat V6 FWD
2004Volkswagen Passat 1.8T FWD
2004Volkswagen Passat GL FWD
2004Volkswagen Passat GL TDI FWD
2004Volkswagen Passat GLS FWD
2004Volkswagen Passat GLS TDI FWD
2004Volkswagen Passat GLX FWD
2004Volkswagen Passat V6 FWD
2005Volkswagen Passat 1.8T FWD
2005Volkswagen Passat GL FWD
2005Volkswagen Passat GL TDI FWD
2005Volkswagen Passat GLS FWD
2005Volkswagen Passat GLS TDI FWD
2005Volkswagen Passat GLX FWD
2005Volkswagen Passat V6 FWD